Neue Kunst in alten Kulturlandschaften

International artists creates modern art for places and european cultural landscapes!

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Art is Life - the Art of Living - Arte è Vita

Origins, history and goals of the symposia and sequence of events. 

Architektur und Natur


Architecture and Nature

In nature, we are only guests and need to act accordingly to maintain nature’s rights.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Ali Traore, Dakar, Senegal

Kunst unter Olivenbäumen


Art under the Olive Trees

It is the place that matters – the plays enables the artists’ inspiration...

Imperia/ Italy

Antje Fels, Senske, Germany

Der gefallene Engel


The Fallen Angel

The angel as material being between God and man...

Michael Kramer

Imperia/ Italy

Volker Nikel, Berlin, Germany

Mythos Mensch


The Myth of Man

But the times of heroes are long gone while the times of self-produced monsters is only just beginning... 

Dietmar Kamper

Imperia/ Italy

Adriano Leverone, Ferrara, Italy

Der Turm zu Babel


The Tower of Babel

Juxtaposed to the Tower of Babel is another biblical symbol, the ladder of Jacob...

Michael Kramer

Imperia/ Italy

Adriano Ross, Torino, Italy




The artists find a freedom in the myths of metamorphosis which can lead them to unlimited possibilities of imagination.

Traude Wehage

Imperia, Roma/ Italy, Berlin, Potsdam/ Germany

Daniel Spoerri, Seggiano, Italy




Chaos lies at the basis of the world...

Dietmar Kamper

Imperia/ Italy

Carla Cremers, Eckelrade, Netherlands

Simulation, Illusion


Simulation, Illusion

In a society in which lying is part of the system it can be an act of liberation to hail the lie itself...

Dietmar Kamper

Imperia, Brescia/ Italy, Frankfurt a. M., Potsdam/ Germany

Manfred Feith - Umbehr, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Inseln der Utopien

2002/ 2003

Islands of Utopia

Were it not for the utopias of former times man would still be sitting naked and miserable in his cave.

Anatole France

2002 - Potsdam/ Germany

2003 - Potsdam, Brescia/ Italy

Tea Taramino, Torino, Italy

Neue Kunst in alten Kulturlandchaften


New Art in old cultural landscapes

Wir haben das Recht, zu sagen, was gesagt worden ist, und sogar das, was noch nicht gesagt worden ist.

Antonin Artoud

Potsdam/ Stahnsdorf

Karl Menzen, Berlin, Deutschland




"It is the place that matters – the place enables the artists’ inspiration, fantasies become concrete. Also, the place accepts the created work and gives it its special effect."     

                                                                                                                                                                                (Joseph Beuys, August 1970)

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