Simulation, Illusion, 2000 - Imperia, Brescia/ Italy, Frankfurt a.M., Potsdam/ Germany

Feith - Umbehr

Are we perceiving our environment only as simulation? Our life – is it only simulated? The basis of our thoughts and fantasies are the images of the media, second-hand information. Simulation of feeling in the Greek restaurant, in the theme park, during phone sex. Simulation of reality in the virtual worlds of the media. Real events become a kind of prostitution in the act of pretending. Are even the senses prostituting themselves? The laws of money organise our world, so that architecture, urban development, every-day culture and even nutrition have to follow the laws of money. In order to adapt the necessities of people to this artificial environment a great simulation machine is needed as well as commercial and cultural managements to create artificial needs, to make the simulated reality seem real by irritating the senses. Why should we deal with simulation?

Manfred Feith - Umbehr

Dr. Diemar Kamper (Sociology Professor at the Free University Berlin): The consumer can be seen as a corresponding element to simulation, as he is his own enemy, eventually eliminating himself while consuming the world and other people. “In a society in which lying is part of the system it can be an act of liberation to hail the lie itself.”


Piere Luigi Cattaneo

Text: Michael Kramer, 2000