The Myth of Man - 1996, Imperia/ Italy


The myths of the peoples are examples of their cultural development into our modern times. They are the stories of love and heroism, stories about fights for domination, jealousy, monsters, demons, rivals, but also about the relations of people and their gods. Modern myths are reflected today in the cover stories of the media:

Adriano Leverone

The competition of the modern sports heroes, the political tricks of the trade of the mighty, the modern monster industry with its destruction of nature, crime, murder, the tragedies of our times. These reports are – like the myths of the ancient times – the compensation and suppression of individual and private problems and help survive each day…

“The early myths invented heroes to free the inhabited earth from the residues of old guilt. It is the fight of the dragons protecting the treasures, for example, which illustrates the meaning of the duel. But the times of heroes are gone, while those of the self-produced monsters are only beginning.”

(Dietmar Kamper)

Schulze & Hartmann

Jürgen Hartmann, Harald Schulze

Text: Michael Kramer