Metamorphosis, 1998 - Imperia, Roma/ Italy, Berlin, Potsdam/ Germany

The artists find a freedom in the myths of metamorphosis which can lead them to unlimited possibilities of imagination...

Traude Wehage

Daniel Spoerri

In all times man was fascinated by the idea of metamorphosis. Ovid wrote the myth of metamorphosis, in which gods and human beings were transformed into plants or stones. Goethe sees in the metamorphosis of the plants the changing form of a leaf only existing in the mind. The German writer Kafka presents the world of a man transformed into a bug, and the French Lafontaine illuminates human characteristics through animals in his fables....

Daniel Spoerri, Botanic Garden Berlin

...Dealing with metamorphosis is interesting for the artist, because he can transcend the borders of causality with his art. A way of thinking entirely oriented towards reality would hinder his creativity. He searches for an escape from the banality of life and finds in the myths of metamorphosis a freedom and the unlimited possibility of imagination. Metamorphosis exists as a form of being free from the restraints of time which keeps giving form and sense to existence. It can be seen as the ability to change, a capability the artist needs to have, if he is to respond to the constantly changing necessities of our world und life in all forms. .

Volker Nikel

Volker Nikel, Golf - Club - Potsdam

Text: Traude Wehage, 1998