Chaos - 1999, Imperia/ Italy

Truly, chaos was the first to be created, but little later Gaia with her large breasts, a secure place for all immortals, the inhabitants of the snow-covered Mount Olymp, Tartaros in the mist, then in the womb of the spacious earth, like Eros, the most beautiful one in the round of immortal Gods. Loosening the limbs he conquers the senses of all gods and all people and their planful thinking. The realm of darkness bore chaos: Erebos and the black night, and the blue of the sky and the light day, with child by Erebos whom she embraced lovingly.

                                    (Hesoid: Theogonia)


One needs to read Hesiod quite exactly. Chaos is fertile, it is only the slightly older backside of the earth. Chaos is like the night, not the contrary of something but the sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile prerequisite to what is its condition. Chaos lies at the basis of the world. This ground and basis is sometimes missing.

Tegi Canfari

The situation becomes dangerous as can be seen with seismic catastrophes. Because no one can dominate the chaos that accompanies the earthquake, the real and the metaphorical earthquake, not even the Gods in the Olymp, in spite of their ruses and their wit. There is literally no remedy against it, too bad for the sorcerers. All the more everything else succumbs, the binary code, inclusive-exclusive thinking which is needed by the sophisticated to preserve their identity. From a distant point of view one can see how even thinking is presently being destroyed in the mire of its own conditions.

Carla Cremers

Carla Cremers

Text: Dietmar Kamper, 1999