Architecture and Nature - 1993, Imperia/ Italy

"In nature, we are only guests and need to act accordingly to maintain nature’s rights."

Friedensreich Hundertwasser


The buildings man has created since ancient times are dependent on the standard of living and the cultural epoch of each time and society, but also on their technical standard. Houses were quite different from each other in former times. It was only through the development of technology and industrialisation that architectural styles and forms resembled each other more and more the world over. Not all architects took into account the necessities of the people. More and more the criteria of economy and rationalisation became important and led to standardisation.


Claudio Costa

A life in which the elements of fire, water, air and earth become important again, in which man can live in harmony with plants and animals, in which the destructive influences on the environment of by industrialisation can be held back – it is this aspect which the exhibition “Architecture and Nature” refers to.

Artists and architects created sculptures and installations in a vacation village at the Italian Coast, amidst exotic plants and between olive trees. Their common theme: nature.


Ali Taore

Text: Michael Kramer, 1993