The Fallen Angel - 1995, Imperia/ Italy


“Il Mare – or the Fall of the Angel“ is the theme of the artistic works of 1995. It was taken from a text by the German philosopher Dietmar Kamper, developing a hypothesis by Otto Muck about the fall of a planet in the year 8494 B.C. as “Fall of the Angel”. Was it Lucifer who descended to the earth amid gigantic noise and thus started the Flood?

Volker Nikel

“A great wave circled the earth several times”. The sea, origin of all life, rises and judges in the name of God over the living beings on this planet. Only Noah with the chosen people and animals survives. Lucifer accompanies him and his people for the new beginning and has maintained his kingdom of hell on earth until our times. Juxtaposed to this downward movement, the movement of decline, of the devil, is the upward movement, the desire of man for the resurrection from death. He wants to ascend to where he assumes the realm of the angels is. The angel as herald of the message, as messenger of love, has served as a motif for artists throughout the centuries, from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Romantic Movement until modern times. The good angel and the bad angel as allegories, the angel as a material being between God and man.

Rainer Kriester, Berlin

Text: Michael Kramer, 1995