Rudi Punzo

Rudi Punzo

1954 - birth in Rovereto, Depero's hometown 

1996 - "the Musical Machines", stand at 1Music Fair in Turin.
" SOUND CYCLES" : Artisti&Martini ;

1998 - "RESOUNDINGS AND CHROMATISMS OF A MIDDLEAGE TOWER", Town of Settimo Torinese ; The Happiness machine , Erba Theatre ;
Theatropolis, Internazional Festival of theatre Arts, Moncalieri Castle ;
Opening Party for BIG Torino 2000 ;

1999 - AIAM- Internazional Arts and Media Academy;
Books Fair ; Association of Piemonte Artists ; Internazional Simposium of Contemporary Arts at Occhieppo Inferiore(Biella);

2000 - in collaboration with ARSLAB at the Stadthaus of ULM ( Baaden - Wuttemberg )presents" Tango Reverie ", multimedia installation created in collaboration with Donato Prosdocimo and Giorgio Vaccarino.
"Pietra wedding",june, at PISTOLETTO FOUNDATION,Biella. "different Sensations 13", november,id.

2001 - "canned sounds, personal exhibition, and "Montaggi Riciclaggi", performance, Cafè Procope, Juvarra Theatre, november;
"Contagi# 1", Piccolo Regio di torino, performance, december; online publication of SOUND CYCLES WEBSITE

2002 - " one hundred artists for automobile" collective exhibition, Automobile Museum. "S.I.V.I.E.R.A.", international Symposium in Verbania, with collective exhibition, june; " One hundred artists for one valley",june.
International Buskers Festival, performance, Ferrara, august.
IV Internationak Symposium of contemporary art at Occhieppo Inferiore ( Biella ),and exhibition at Villa Schneider, september.
" Contagi # 2", W. A. Mozart international Festival in Rovereto, performance, september. " Protomusical Sonorities" Cavallerizza Reale, in Torino,performance with Marco Pezzutti , november.

2003 - DREAM MUSIC ,Rassegna d'arte sonora live
Rudi Punzo "Rudi Machine" Cicli sonori e set alettroacustico
Con Marco Pezzutti (Sax), Gianni Lenoci (clavinet, fuzz organ), Mario Volpe (abstract beat), Alessandro Granda (prepared guitar)
Registrazione del disco "INHUMAIN" Bari, 6 Febbraio

2004 - Bari, may 15 :MUSICIRCUS, omaggio a John Cage
musica acusmatica, sculture sonore, eventi fluxus
Improcage/deconstruction (con Gianni Lenoci, Mario Volpe, Rudi Punzo, Adolfo La Volpe), "METAMORPHOSIS" double personal exhibition with Martha NIEUWENHUIJS at the Royal Certosa in Collegno,june;
D. Fleiss & East-West Artists e. V.
7° international Art Symposium in Carei, Transilvania, august.
"Kunst ist Leben", int. Symposium in Potsdam ( DE ), october




by Rudi Punzo

Clockworks made of gears and diverse objects : my sculptures own the gift of sound along with their aesthetic appearance: each piece has its own peculiar, maybe dirty, sound; a dissolved noise that is however eligible as a musical sound.

I live my creative process as a game; I work while I play, with the intent of transferring this experience to others. I define Ludoart as the involvement of the very own senses of touch, sight and hearing of those who, ignorant or expert, interact with the "opera", experiencing a joyfully childish enjoyment.

These strange sculptures appear, in their intricacy and, at the same time, childish simplicity, as machines handed down from the days of Deleuze: the desire to manipulate the language of sounds, a desire peculiar to human sensibility, urges me to produce a reality, to conceive partial objects, flows and essences that work as a production system. Desire and the object of desire are one, they are the MUSICAL machine.
Art, or LUDOART in particular, should be a day-to-day approach to building up one's life, a practice for building up and organising ones own sensations instead of just conveying them.

These sculptures' playfulness recalls this century's art coating of world revealing game: rather then referring to Surrealism and Dada masters, PUNZO seems to drift within its state of ludoarte affairs, in agreement with Guy Debord when considering art an everyday method to build life, an art not bestowing sensations but offering to set them up and to adjust them.




Tango Revieri



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