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Art is Life - the Art of Living - Arte Vita

At 10th June the first Potsdam prize for visionary images was awarded in the Artòtel. This prize, initiated of Gallup Germany and Neue Medien für Kunst und Kommunikation e.V.,  is assigned every two years and serves the development of the Potsdamer cultural landscape. The works of art remains in potsdam and will enrich the town with modern art.

The jury, Dr. Michael Haerdter, Professor Hanne Seitz, Rafael Vostell and Juergen Strauss decided:  

The first prize, endows  the two 2 with 5 000.- € as well as. Prizes, endows with ever 2 500.- €. to the following artists are assigned:

Hubertus of the Goltz, for his work on the Nauener Tor, Stefano Bombardieri, for the hanging Rhinozeros at Luisenplatz and Fried Rosenstock for his composition on Freundschatsinsel. 


Download Fried Rosenstock

Download hubertus von der Goltz

Download Stefano Bombardieri

Second Prize: Fried Rosenstock, Freundschaftsinsel

First Prize: Hubertus von der Goltz

Second Prize: Stefano Bombardieri, Luisenplatz

The award was in the  Artòtel and represents the final event of the symposium of this year and the beginning of a continuous development, which will give new impulses to the city potsdam and Havelland. 


Left: The members of the jury - Dr. Michael Haerdter, Professor Hanne Seitz, Rafael Vostell and Juergen Strauss.


Special thanks to Gallup Germany,




"It is the place that matters – the place enables the artists’ inspiration, fantasies become concrete. Also, the place accepts the created work and gives it its special effect."  

(Joseph Beuys, August 1970)

Under the auspices of Finance Minister Sigrid Keler  |   Art - Direction: Michael Kramer

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