Neue Kunst in alten Kulturlandschaften

International artists creates modern art for places and european cultural landscapes!

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Art is Life - the Art of Living - Arte Vita

Works of Art

Please find detailed information to the individual projects and the artists at the page “artists”.

Alejandra Rudoff

Left: "Routen" by Alejandra Ruddoff, Santiago de Chile.

Right: "Vibrazione" by Piereluigi Cattaneo, Italy 


Pierluigi Cattaneo

Fried Rosenstock

Left: "Light and Shadow" by Fried Rosenstock. More informations through the link “artists”.

Right: A work by Karl Menzen. 

Karl Menten

Carlo Maglitto


Right: "Airsoundwall and Airsoundboat” by Sebastian David, part of his concept for the Event 2005. More information through the link “artists”.

Left: “Walking alone” by Carlo Maglitto 

Sebastian David


Rudi Punzo

Left:  a performance by  the Italian artist Rudi Punzo, Torino. The project can be viewed

Right: “Progetto ixiana” by Piero Gilardi. 

Piero Gilardi


Left: “Countercurrent”, an installation by the Italian artists Tea Taramino and Piero Gilardi. 

Right: Detlef Schweiger and his SARDH, a virtual animation on a large projection wall with the corresponding simultaneous sound-performance of the 5 members of SARDH. 

Detlef Schweiger

metallic flowers

Right: “The Hanging Rhino” by Stefano Bambardieri.

Left: “Metallic Flowers” by Marienzo Ferrero. This is the current project for the Event 2005, seen here at the Freundschaftsinsel.  


Klangkörper Gong - Ensemble

Left: The Sound group “Now! - Ensemle” from the Baltic Island of Usedom.

Right: “Artcafé”, a common project by Isabella Trimmel (Germany and Austria) and the Dutch artist Marc de Vree, also for the Event of 2005.





"It is the place that matters – the place enables the artists’ inspiration, fantasies become concrete. Also, the place accepts the created work and gives it its special effect."  

(Joseph Beuys, August 1970)

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